NWU Saguday performs in Miss Laoag 2020

NWU Saguday performs in Miss Laoag 2020

Northwestern University’s Saguday Performing Arts Group amazed the crowd with their outstanding performances during the Miss Laoag 2020 pageant held last February 10, 2020, at the Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena. It was the first time for the group to be invited by the City Government of Laoag to perform in the significant event.

The Saguday Dance Troupe danced to the beat of Samba Pop as the candidates flaunted their confidence during the swimsuit competition.

Aside from the dance troupe, the Saguday Chorale, together with INNHS Samiweng Singers, also performed in the pageant. They sang their hearts out with their rendition of Ama Mi (Our Father) for the doxology, and led the Philippine National Anthem, with Mr. Sherberk Cabrales, conducting. The chorale’s Saguday Trio serenaded the audience, singing Hanggang Wala Nang Bukas by Ebe Dancel, as the candidates showcased their stunning evening gowns. 

Katelyn Ugale, one of the members of the Saguday Chorale, conveyed his gratitude to their trainor: “It’s a big opportunity for Saguday to be exposed because we carry the name of NWU in that big event. We were nervous because we were with the amazing Samiweng Singers, but with the help of Mr. Sherberk, our performance went very beautiful.”

In the same way, the Saguday Dancers felt privileged and content with their performance. “Among all of the skilled groups of dancers here in Laoag, I’m glad that we were chosen to perform. The fact that we were able to represent not just our troupe, but our university as well, is very flattering and joy is an understatement. Saguday Dance Troupe has been in hiatus for so many years and I think it’s time to go outside the box and unleash our rip-roaring talents. Thanks to Mr. Jonathan Paguirigan, the Acting Cultural Affairs Coordinator, and Mr. Jilson Lucero, the dance troupe adviser, for without them, the group wouldn’t be as active and competitive as it is right now,” said Crystala dela Cruz, one of the troupe’s members.

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