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The production of groundbreaking researches is vital in realizing Northwestern University’s vision to become the premier learning institution in Asia.

NWU is quickly becoming the region’s repository of significant researches, gaining more linkages.

Cognizant of the role of research in sustainability and innovation, the University Center for Research and Development (UCRD) actively manages and pursues studies in multiple disciplines, profusely contributing appropriate, timely and relevant knowledge to address the changing needs of the university and the country, towards the improvement of the quality of life.

Aiming to further strengthen the university’s research competencies, continuously streamline the production of scholarly works, and consistently encourage a dynamic and supportive research culture in the institution, UCRD focuses on providing support services and capability training to faculty members on conceptualization and development of research proposals to presentation and publication, and the management of conduct toward researches. Moreover, it strives to intensify its forward-looking endeavors with the university’s research linkages, while forming new collaborations with other research institutions.


Mother and Child Health

-Melanie I. Contreras, Aleja S. Duyao

Health and Governance

-Roseli T. Aurelio

-Wiljohn M. Dela Cruz, John Francis A. Paraoan

Engineering and Technology
Trade, Industry and Tourism

Data Analytics in Tourism Industry

-Felina G. Rosales, et. al

Economic Development
Food Safety and Nutrition

Food Safety

-Resie Jane Mata, Aldrin Tumamao, Jerico De Castro