NWU Culinary Arts joins Dulang Food Fair 2020

NWU Culinary Arts joins Dulang Food Fair 2020

The Northwestern University Culinary Arts students participated in the Dulang Food Fair 2020, a part of the Pamulinawen Festival celebration, held last February 5, 2020 at the Laoag City Multi-Purpose Hall. This year featured the theme, “Sugarcane: The Promise of Good Health.” The native “unas” (sugarcane), which is used in different Ilocano delicacies such as palitaw, patupat, tupig, tinudok, among others, was the main ingredient in preparing a different menu in four categories: Main Dish, Snacks, Beverages and Dessert.

Chef Marco de la Cruz and the NWU Culinary Arts students prepared for an exhibit of their delightful set consisting of Tropical Chicken Barbecue in Sugarcane Skewers, Sugarcane Jelly Shots, “Inkalti nga Saba” ken “Kamotig” (Banana and Sweet Potato and Sugarcane Syrup), and Mediterranean Pork in Sugarcane Skewers with Goat Cheese Dressing. It is now their second year joining the annual food fest.

         Pork-Sugar-CaneSkewers               Sugarcane-Jelly-Shots

      Bannana-and-Sweet-Potato-in-sugar-syrup     Tropical-Chicken-BBQ-in-sugarcane-skewers

“We went there as an exhibitor, not to compete. The good thing about the Dulang Festival is that the students can showcase their talents to uplift the main ingredient…that we can cook it in a different way…that we can show a different way of attacking and presenting it,” said Chef Marco, Department Head of the NWU Culinary Arts Program.

Different hotels, restaurants, and organizations in the city also displayed their unique adaptations using sugarcane. Some public and private high schools like BIS, Caaoacan High School, GNHS, INNHS, INCAT, INRSF, NCC, and San Mateo Integrated School competed in the event where INNHS won as Overall Champion.

The said fair continues its aim to boost the identity of Ilocano cuisine as an attraction to tourists, both local and foreign, and to incorporate fresh innovations in cooking Ilocano dishes.

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