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The College of Arts and Sciences delivers the general education courses to all University students. These courses play a vital role in forming well-rounded students and serve as the foundation for any field of specialization. Through exposure to lively classroom discussions and relevant resources, it aims to enhance critical thinking in students, as well as harness their linguistic and communicative abilities. It also aids them in appreciating positive human values and strengthening human relations.

The College of Allied Health Sciences aims to develop students to become skilled, responsible, and competent health care providers, both locally and globally. Equipped with functional laboratories, a research center, and an impressive placement program, the college inculcates the ethics of health care professionals in its students, putting quality service as the priority and developing precision, accuracy, and professionalism.

The College of Business Education trains students to acquire the necessary skills to face the realities of the business world and primes them to become globally competitive. Alongside this relevant training, the college instills in students the values that will enable them to become socially responsible, and efficient and productive members of the business community.

The College of Criminal Justice Education prepares students for a career in law enforcement and its related work. Through instruction, guided experience, and training, it provides students an understanding of Constitutional guarantees and due process of law affecting the administration of justice. It fosters such values as citizenry and leadership, moral and legal responsibilities, and service to humanity.

The College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology equips students with the theoretical knowledge and skills in design, consultation, research, supervision and maintenance of engineering works. This rigorous training endeavors to produce engineers with high standards, who create original designs that are both cost-effective and of superb quality.

The College of Maritime Education primes students to become efficient and reliable world-class maritime officers and crew. With its state of the art facilities, it provides its students with advanced technical knowledge and operations in maritime technology. It also fosters a strong sense of nationalism, responsible leadership, and dignity in the practice of the maritime profession.

The College of Teacher Education aims to produce a new breed of teachers who will become positive role models for the young. In its pursuit of excellence, it provides high academic standards and designs methods of instruction to empower students to become effective conveyors of knowledge and skills relevant to the times. It also trains students in research work, with opportunities for community service.

The College of Law trains students in the practice of law, in accordance with the highest ethical standards. It teaches them to search for the law, analyze and apply it while preparing them to become leaders of the community and of the nation. It inculcates such values as honesty, diligence, perseverance and equal justice to all.

The Vedasto J. Samonte School of Graduate Studies assists professionals in broadening their knowledge and competence, thus becoming independent thinkers and dynamic leaders in their respective professions. It aims to develop creative minds to effectively solve problems in their fields of endeavor and employs scientific methods and techniques in research and extension service.