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Sattelite Pages

The NWU specialized services pages.
To make serving you more efficient, we are introducing our satellite Facebook pages to cater to your specialized needs and queries.


The NWU Nexus (facebook.com/nexusNWU)
– for student portal concerns, change of passwords, activation of accounts, and other similar, NWU system concerns.



The NWU OSA – Office of Student Affairs page (facebook.com/NWUOSA)
– for specific student concerns.



The Institutional Planning and Organizational Development Department or IPODD (facebook.com/nwuipodd)
– for career opportunities, and specific employees’ concerns.



The NWU Finance Office (facebook.com/NWUFinance) – for any concerns regarding finances at NWU.



The main official NWU page remains to be the primary hub for general concerns, official statements, and important announcements.