Enrollment Ongoing for Batch 2 of Culinary Arts Program

“We cook for the world. We cook for the best kitchens.” — Chef Marco Dela Cruz, Department Head, NWU Culinary Arts Program

Northwestern University is ready to welcome new enrollees to its 2-year Culinary Arts Program. This new batch will begin their training on February 4, 2019. The program aims to produce highly-competitive and world-class chefs.

According to Chef Marco Dela Cruz, the first batch of enrollees—now on their 4th month—is doing well, and the training is proceeding smoothly. Students of this program are required to have 1 year in-house training and 1 year internship in the U.S.A. They also undergo intensive trainings where they present 42 dishes a day for 2 weeks that comes in different categories. Starting June, the students will master different cuisines such as Filipino, Japanese, American, Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai, East Asian, European, Spanish, Italian, French and Mediterranean. This cuisine training will last for 2 months.

Currently, the Department of Culinary Arts has 3 faculty members: Chef Marco Dela Cruz as the Department Head, Chef Paul Piza and Chef Paul Calventas. Chef Marco added that more instructors will come in if an overlapping of classes or batches will ensue.

“After their internship, there is a high possibility that the students will be absorbed by the kitchens abroad they will be working with,” said Chef Marco.

Enrollment is on January 8 – February  5, 2019. Classes for the 2nd batch will be at 6 to 8 o’clock in the evening at the International House.


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