NWU deploys “contactless” automated alcohol dispenser

NWU deploys “contactless” automated alcohol dispenser

As a way of battling COVID-19, Northwestern University’s Chief Broadcast Technician, Mr. Gilbert C. Humilde, took the initiative and designed a hands-free automated alcohol/sanitizer dispenser.

“I thought that it would be better if alcohol dispensers are automatic to avoid contact and to promote better hygiene. I was challenged to contribute something to the university, so I played with my creativity,” Humilde said.

Using recycled power supply and some materials he bought online, he pushed himself to come up with the device. The initiative was supported by the NWU Physical Plant and Development Office Head, Mr. Nelson Alagao and his staff, who helped in producing the cases for the dispensers.

“It was a two-week period of making that dispenser, and it feels satisfying that the workers and students of NWU started using it already,” he added.

The dispenser comes with sensors that automatically detect a person’s hands when placed under the tap. The device uses the conventional AC outlet but can also be converted for to be battery or solar-powered.

The current target of Humilde is to equip the entrance gates of the university with sanitizing units.

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