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Prospective Students

If you want to be a CHAMPION, then you’ve come to the right place.

Northwestern University will be your partner in preparing you to face life’s challenges — holding up a standard that demands only the best of you. Your time in NWU will require grit, resilience and determination. Such are the values that this more than eight-decades-old institution are founded on. Along with sharpening your skills, you will discover a sense of fulfillment that comes with being a champion.

At Northwestern University, we want you to succeed.

But success is not only measured in academics; it involves the whole person. So we also take into account other areas of your life that matter to you, such as your emotional and mental needs, family life and friends, extra-curricular activities, and more. Ask any Northwesternian, and he or she will tell you that life at NWU is packed with opportunities for growth…and some serious fun.

You were made for this. You were made to be a CHAMPION.

Read below to learn more.

NWU F.A.Q.s 

(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What courses do you offer?

Northwestern University offers a variety of courses you can choose from. Newest is its 2-year Culinary Arts Program where you experience international internships, state-of-the-art laboratory and equipment, and top-caliber international and locally-trained chefs!

Here are other graduate and undergraduate courses we offer:


Level IV PACUCOA Accredited
• Master of Arts in Education major in:
Educational Management | Early Childhood Education | Mathematics | Guidance and Counseling | Language and Literature Teaching | General Science

Level III PACUCOA Accredited
• Master of Arts in Public Administration
• Master of Business Administration

• PhD in Development Education
• PhD in Educational Management
• Master of Arts in Nursing – major in Maternal and Child Nursing
• Master of Science in Management Engineering
• Master of Science in Criminal Justice Education (with Specialization in Criminology)

• Bachelor of Laws


Level II PACUCOA Accredited
• BS in Nursing
• BS in Medical Laboratory Science
• BS in Physical Therapy


Level III PACUCOA Accredited
• AB in Communication Arts
• AB in English Language
• AB in Political Science
• BS Biology
• BS Computer Science
• BS Psychology
• Bachelor of Public Administration


Level III PACUCOA Accredited
• BS in Business Administration major in:
Financial Management | Marketing Management | Human Resource Development Management

Level II PACUCOA Accredited
• BS Hospitality Management (HM)
• BS HM major in Cruise Ship Management

National Certificate II in:
Food and Beverage | Bread and Pastry Production | Bartending Services | Housekeeping | Commercial Cooking | Front Office Services

• BS in Accountancy
• BS in Management Accounting
• BS in Office Administration
• BS in Tourism Management

Level III PACUCOA Accredited
• BS in Criminology
• BS in Criminology (ETEEAP)


Level II PACUCOA Accredited
• BS Computer Engineering
• BS Mechanical Engineering
• BS Architecture
• BS Civil Engineering
• BS Electrical Engineering
• BS Geodetic Engineering

Technical and Vocational NC II Programs
• Computer System Servicing
• Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing

• BS in Marine Engineering
• BS in Marine Transportation


Level III PACUCOA Accredited
• Bachelor of Elementary Education
• Bachelor of Secondary Education major in: English | Filipino | Mathematics | Science


• Academic Track
- Accountancy, Business and Management
- General Academic Strand
- Humanities and Social Sciences
- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
- Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime Specialization
• Arts and Design Track
• Sports Track
• Technical Vocational and Livelihood Track
Bread and Pastry Services – Cookery – Food and Beverages Services – Housekeeping – Tourism Promotion Services – Tour Guiding Services – Animation – Illustration – Computer Programming – Computer Hardware Servicing – Consumer Electronics Servicing – Electrical Illustration and Maintenance - Shielded Metal-Arc Welding – Maritime Specialization

2. What are the requirements for admission?

In order to be qualified for admission, an applicant must submit the following requirements:

For College Freshmen:
- Form 138 (Senior High School Report Card)
- Certificate of Academic Honor
- Certificate of Good Moral Character
- PSA Birth Certificate (Marriage Certificate, if married)
- Dual Citizenship Certificate (if dual citizen)

For Law/Post Graduate/Transferees:
- Transfer Credentials
- Certificate of Good Moral Character
- Official Transcript of Records, Copy of Grades, General Weighted Average (GWA)
- PSA Birth Certificate (Marriage Certificate, if married)
- Dual Citizenship Certificate (if dual citizen)

For Cross Enrollees:
- Permit to Cross-Enroll
- Photocopy of School ID

For Foreign Students:
- Student Visa/ Special Study Permit
- Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) I-Card

3. How can I apply?

It’s easy to apply!

If you are an incoming freshman, you must be a Graduate of Senior High School and must take the Diagnostic Test given by the Guidance Office.

If you are a Transferee, you must present your Transfer Credentials and Copy of Grades in order for you to qualify for admission.

For Post-Graduate, Transfer Credentials, Certified Copy of OTR, and GWA must be presented.

For Juris Doctor (Bachelor of Laws), you must pass the Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT) given by Legal Education Board (LEB).

If you comply with these, you may now apply for admission into your chosen course.

4. When can I apply?

The admission process begins forty-five (45) days before the start of every Semester and we are guided by our School Calendar duly approved by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

5. How do I enroll?

Just present all the requirements that are stated above and fill up the Admission Form from the Registrar’s Office and we will give your respective Student Identification Number (SIN). After application, you may now enroll on the designated enrollment period by submitting all credentials and paying all fees.

6. Do you offer scholarships and financial assistance?

Yes! We offer a variety of scholarships and financial assistance.

On Scholarship Grants, we have the Entrance Scholar for College Freshmen, those who graduated with Academic Honor, as well as Academic Scholarships (University/College).

We also give financial grants for the members of the following:

• Saguday Performing Arts/Troupe
• NWU Marching Band
• NWU After 5 Band
• Student Assistantship
• Scholarship for Review Staff

Financial Discounts such as:

• Employees’ Dependents Tuition Discount
• Employees’ Tuition Discount
• Brother/Sister Discount
• Employees’ Spouse Tuition Discount

This is the complete list of Scholarship Grants you may avail of:

I. Entrance Scholarship
II. Academic Scholarship: University/College
III. Presidential Scholarship
a) BS Accountancy
b) BS Electrical Engineering
c) BS Medical Technology
d) BS Physical Therapy
e) Science Stream Class

IV. NWU Alumni Association Scholarship Program

I. CHED-Administered Scholarships
a) CHED-HEDP Scholarship Program
b) Full Merit National Scholarship Program (SF)
c) Half-Merit Scholarship Program
d) National Scholarship Program (NSP)
e) Regional Scholarship Program (RSP)
g) State Scholarship Program
h) Study Now, Pay Later Plan
i) Tulong-Dunong
j) SAFE Program for Engineering Programs


I. TESDA-Administered Scholarships
b) Scholarship Under PGMA Ladderized Education System (LES)
c) Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP) 2010

II. Ilocos Norte Provincial Government Academic Scholarship
III. Laoag City Government Scholarship
IV. Bureau of Fire Protection- DILG Scholarship Program
V. US Dept of Veterans Affairs Educational Benefit Program
VI. Phil. Veterans Affairs Educational Benefit Program
VII. Nat’l Comm on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Scholarship Program
VIII. PD 577/AFP Dependents Scholarship Grant
IX. DOST-Science & Technology Scholarship (DOST-SEI)

I. SEEDS Program
II. Educational Assistance for Stockholders and/or their Beneficiaries

For other Scholarship Grants that you may avail of, please approach Ms. Marietta Lucas, Scholarship Coordinator at Window 7, Registrar’s Office.