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University Life

Standing stately on the outskirts of Laoag City is Northwestern University, home to more than 4,500 students. The University’s pursuit of competence, social responsibility, and morality are manifested in various ways around the nine-hectare campus.

A usual day in the life of a Northwesternian is mostly spent in the classroom or engaged in their academic responsibilities. If not in the library, finishing assignments, reviewing for an exam, cooking up ideas for a group project, or simply hanging out are often done in the popular “mini forests” of NWU. Students are also encouraged to be actively involved in the organizations present in the school. From performing arts to journalism to the various academic groups, every student is sure to find an outlet for their passion and creativity to flow.

The Northwestern experience involves pursuing academic excellence, but it is incomplete without taking part in the various university activities happening throughout the year. These include Freshmenia for first year college students, intramurals, the celebration of Foundation week in January, and the graduation ceremonies held in May. Periodically, students and staff also participate in community extension programs to reach out to neighboring barangays.

Whether admiring the strip of murals along the covered walk, lounging with friends in the shade of tall mango trees, cooped up in a cubicle in the library, or discovering the extent of their abilities through extracurricular activities, students of Northwestern University can always find somwething to inspire them to pursue excellence.