Information and Counseling Services
The Guidance Office offers:

- individual inventory services to collect, organize, synthesize, and interpret relevant students information through its testing program;

- information service to provide students relevant information to guide them in making intelligent vocational and educational choices;

- counseling services to facilitate meaningful understanding of self and environment;

- placement service to provide assistance to students for adjustment as they advance in the phases of their educational experience;

- follow-up services to monitor adjustments and progress of students after graduation

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program is implemented to bring in a student service to offer an in-campus job opportunity for needy but deserving students.

Students Discipline

Section 74 of the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools provides that every private school shall maintain good school discipline inside the school campus as well as outside the school premises when pupils or students are engaged in activities authorized by the school.

Concomitant to this authority, the University has promulgated its Code of Discipline that students must follow in order to maintain their good standing in the institution, otherwise appropriate disciplinary sanctions shall be meted against them for its violation. Be it noted, however, that disciplinary actions are not implemented as punitive measures but as educational tools to instill discipline and sense of responsibility on the students through the Disciplinary Board.

Health Services

The Medical and Dental clinic offer specialized health services to all students through their respective health care programs.

Auxiliary Services

The delivery of auxiliary services is through the three (3) canteens and campus store.

NWU Public Employment Service Office

The commitment of the university to the development of the students continues after they graduate. The NWU Public Employment Service Office (PESO) was created to cater to the needs of graduates, students and the public like job opportunities, trainings and seminars.

Alumni Services

The Alumni Affairs Office is geared towards developing and sustaining support for the University through its Alumni Foundation. It conducts follow-up and continuous contact with graduates.