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Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction

RIDAM, an Ilokano term which literally translates to “be or on alert” is the University’s platform for disaster education, awareness, and preparedness advocacy.

The advocacy has three (3) components:

  1. Education and awareness campaign;
  2. Research and community engagement; and
  3. Capability building and volunteerism.

The Disaster Task Force is responsible for the implementation of the University’s disaster education and preparedness program. Composed of employees and volunteer students the Task Force operates to achieve the following vision, mission, and objectives:


Building disaster resilience and reducing disaster risks.


Committing to service-above-self, perpetual training, and inter-agency cooperation to maintain a constant state of readiness for search, rescue, incident response and above else, safety.


The Disaster Task Force is a special group organized to function as the university’s disaster risk reduction and management unit and quick emergency response team. The Task Force has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Recommend policies in relation to the university’s disaster management program particularly on the following areas of applications:
  • Disaster prevention
  • Disaster mitigation
  • Disaster response and
  • Disaster rehabilitation
  1. Mobilize available resources of the university in cases or emergencies.
  2. Ensure the safety and evacuation of students and employees during emergencies.
  3. Provide immediate medical assistance to the victim during emergencies.
  4. Coordinate with the Bureau of Fire Protection, Philippine National Police, rescue and medical units, hospitals, and other concerned agencies in the event of emergencies, and
  5. Conduct regular evacuation drills.


Northwestern University is a member of the Ilocos Region 1 Platform of the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management. The alliance is composed of the academe, faith-based organizations and groups, non-government organizations, business sector, media organizations, local government, and national agencies.


The Disaster Task Force regularly conduct activities inspired by the RIDAM advocacy. Activities include fire and earthquake evacuation drills, bomb threat drills, hostage taking drills, DRR training of students and employees, disaster education and awareness campaign, U-Ready on-air and live streaming radio program, and community engagement on disaster education, awareness, and preparedness.