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Vedasto J. Samonte School of Graduate Studies



In 1960, the Graduate School of the then Northwestern College was opened with the late Dr. Vedasto J. Samonte as the first dean. Permits and Government Recognition for the degree Master of Arts in Education (MAED) major in Administration and Supervision and MAED in Guidance Counseling were granted.

In 1962, Government Recognition for these two programs was given. When Northwestern became a University in 1992, Doctor of Philosophy major in Development Education received Government Recognition. Permits were granted to the University in 1993 for the following programs: MA in Public Administration (MAPA); MA in Nursing (MAN); and MA in Business Administration (MBA). Other major areas in MAEd were offered: Filipino, English Language Teaching; Mathematics Teaching; and Comparative Literature.

In 1994, the Doctor of Education major in Educational Management and the three masters degree programs, MAPA, MAN, and MBA were granted Government Recognition. MAEd major in ECE was later offered in 1998.

On November 22, 1999, MAEd was granted Level I Accreditation by PACU-COA.


  • To assist professionals broaden their knowledge and competence in their chosen field, and to become independent thinkers and dynamic leaders in their respective profession;
  • To develop creative minds and scientific attitudes so that they may apply effectively the principles in solving existing problems in their fields of endeavor;
  • To ground students in a sound philosophy of life through the intelligent employment of scientific methods and techniques in research and extension service; and
  • To internalize in every graduate student the value of making excellence as a way of life.

Course Offerings

·         Doctor of Philosophy

·         Doctor of Education

·         Master of Arts in Education

·         Educational Management

o   Guidance and Counseling

o   Comparative Literature

o   Mathematics Teaching

o   English

o   Filipino

o   Early Childhood Education

·         Master in Business Education

·         Master of Arts in Public Administration

·         Master of Arts in Nursing

o   Maternal and Child Nursing

o   Medical-Surgical Nursing

·         Master of Science in Management Engineering