The Educational Resource Center support the vision of Northwestern University as a premiere Institution of learning in Asia. A library with automated services offering physical and virtual access to information resources. The center for global information, a place to learn, to engage and discover.


Educational Resource Center provide high quality and updated learning resources, teaching resources, both print and digital, and innovative services to support NWU’s mission of developing highly competent individuals and upright leaders.


  • To create an educational environment that encourages the full personal and professional development of those it serves. 
  • To build collections and provide access to information and services to support teaching-learning, research and creative endeavors.
  • To foster acquisition of new knowledge and experiences that enhance critical thinking leadership skills, visual and real sensitivity, and social integrity.
  • To identify, acquire, organized store and provide on-demand access to the available intellectual and research products of scholars worldwide for the NWU faculty and students, as well as, to the greater community of learners beyond NWU.

Northwestern University Educational Resource Center recognized as 2018 Outstanding Regional Partners for Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Knowledge Resource-Network (BSP-KRN)

Online Library Instruction of the NWU-ERC

#OnlineLibraryInstruction Welcome to Northwestern University Educational Resource Center! This guide is your introduction to the many resources and services we offer.

Posted by NWU-Educational Resource Center on Thursday, December 5, 2019


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