A scholarship grant extended to a student who is qualified as an academic scholar for the first time shall be approved by the President upon recommendation and certification of the dean concerned and the Registrar respectively.

Furthermore, an academic scholar who maintains the required academic rating at the end of a semester shall continue to avail of the scholarship. Provided, that it must be certified by the Registrar and approved by the President.

University Scholar. Full tuition discount is granted to a student who obtains a weighted average of 1.0 to 1.25 at the end of a semester. Provided, that he does not have a grade lower than 2.5 in the professional subjects.

College Scholar. Half tuition discount is granted to a student who obtains a weighted average of 1.26 to 1.75 at the end of a semester. Provided, that he does not have a grade lower than 2.5 in the professional subjects.

High School

An elementary graduate with a general weighted average of 80-85% is qualified to take the qualifying exam for Special Science Class. Successful examinee will be included in the University High School Science class. Tuition fee discounts are based on their general weighted average per grading period which are presented as follows:

GWA Tuition Fee
  • 92 and above 100 %
  • 88 - 91.99 75%
  • 84 - 87.99 50%
  • 80 - 83.99 25%

Pupils are ranked according to their general averages but must not have a grade lower than 80% in any of the grading periods. In case of a tie in ranks, grades must be

considered up to the fourth decimal place. If ever a tie in rank cannot be broken, the percent discount is shared by the pupils involved. The tuition fee discounts are as follows:

GWA Tuition Fee
  • 100%
  • 75%
  • 50%
Special Scholarships
Special grants may also be given to a student on the basis of criteria set by the donors of these funds. These are usually awarded to students deemed qualified by donors.

Northwestern University Alumni Scholarship Grant

This scholarship program for the tertiary level is an initial project of the Northwestern Alumni Foundation. Recipients of this program are given free tuition fees.

To qualify for the Alumni Scholarship Examination, the applicant should belong to the upper 15% of the graduating high school class and required to submit a certification by the Principal to this effect. In addition, a photocopy of Form 138 or rating card must be presented.

A scholarship committee is created for this purpose to determine the other criteria in order to qualify for the grant. Successful examinees are informed through a letter sent by the Alumni Director, after which, they shall be screened further through an interview.

The Alumni Scholarship shall continue to be enjoyed by the student. Provided, he shall never incur any failing grade, dropped or incomplete marks.

Nicolas N. Nicolas Scholarship Foundation

The Nicolas N. Nicolas Scholarship Foundation can be availed of by students every semester provided that they maintain a general average rating of 2.0 and must not have a grade lower than 2.50.

AFP Scholarship

By virtue of PD No. 577, dependents of military personnel who die or become incapacitated in line of duty are exempted from the payment of tuition and matriculation fees. Batara Memorial Scholarship

The Batara Memorial Scholarship Program is committed to provide tuition and related financial assistance to Batara descendants qualified to pursue tertiary education subject to various stipulations and conditions. Preference is given to those from underprivileged backgrounds, preferably from towns of Badoc and Batac, Ilocos Norte.

The grant is available for the completion of an undergraduate degree usually four years. It is renewable semestrally provided that the scholar concerned attains a final grade of 2.0 or better or its equivalent. However, failure to meet the grade of qualification is not an automatic cause of non-renewal.

A candidate for the scholarship must issue her statement of commitment to God, indicating her commitment to do the things that are pleasing to the Lord.

Financial Grants and Privileges

In recognition of outstanding performance, the following are granted tuition discounts:

  1. Members of the band/combo upon recommendation of the band/combo master
    1. Old members 100%
    2. New members 75 %
  2. Athletes who can meet the requirements provided in the approved guidelines
    1. National 100%
    2. Regional 75%
    3. Varsity 25%
  3. Working students on a regular part-time basis who are required to render service at least four hours a day during their free time discount shall be granted on the first 18 units.
  4. Members of the school organ, the Review
    1. Editor-in-chief 100%
    2. Associate Editor 75%
    3. News, literary, feature editors, artist 25%
  5. Members of the cultural troupe upon recommendation of the adviser based on the length of membership (in years):
    1. Four 100%
    2. Three 75%
    3. Two 50%
    4. One 25%

The financial grants for new band/combo members, athletes and cultural troupe members shall be availed of on the semester following the recommendation of the adviser or coach as the case may be provided the grantees have not incurred a failing grade and subject to the policy on attendance.

The privilege is good for a particular semester and maybe renewed for the incoming semester.

Any student who qualifies to be a recipient of two or more scholarship or grant can only avail of one scholarship grant during a particular semester.


The following discounts are accorded to employees of the University:

1. Children of full-time permanent employees of Northwestern University enrolled in any level are given 50% tuition fee discount for every child but not exceeding three, enrolled in any level.

2. Casual/probationary employees dependents will enjoy 25% tuitional discount.

Students who are brothers and/or sisters are given discounts such as:

* for two (2) - 10% tuition fee discount for each student<

* for three (3) - 20% tuition fee discount for each student

Upon enrollment or before the preliminary examinations, the brother(s) and/or sister(s) concerned must apply for the discount and should submit a birth certificate and barangay clearance.

Application for the tuition fee discount should be filed within the specified period to avoid forfeiture of the privilege.

3. Full time permanent and/or probationary faculty members/employees are given 50% tuition fee discount when he enrolls in any of the undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate programs.

4. The spouse of full time permanent employees shall avail of a 25% tuition fee discount when he enrolls in any of the undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate programs.

Students with PVA/USVA Educational Benefits

A student who is a veteran or a veteran beneficiary seeking admission to the University must present a certificate from the Philippine Veterans Association (PVA) or the United States Veterans Association (USVA) in addition to other admission requirements.

Student Personnel Services

Student Personnel Services are designed to enhance the intellectual, personal, physical, social, cultural and career development of all students.

Student Personnel Services at Northwestern University are designed to supplement the published purposes of the university. Through the various services offered, students are given the opportunity to examine career alternatives, consult qualified professional about personal problems, develop human relations skills, enjoy structured physical and mental exercise, develop leadership skills, become more independent, and mature as young adults.

The specific objectives of Northwestern University Student Personnel Services are the following:
1. To provide career information
2. To provide counseling services
3. To assist students in obtaining needed financial assistance for their education.
4. To ensure the existence of campus organizations that supplement educational pursuits and provide leadership opportunities.
5. To provide students a variety of leisure time activities and to promote social and cultural interaction through those activities.
6. To provide auxiliary and health services to students.