Admission Policies
A. Testing and Evaluation

In recent years, the number of students entering higher education has increased dramatically. This growth in number has brought significant diversity of educational backgrounds.

The test is administered to all incoming College freshmen and is designed to measure basic knowledge in Math, Science and English.

The test is taken prior to admission and the results indicate students' readiness to take on particular college courses. This is also a way to assess the student's strengths and weaknesses especially in Mathematics, and the student shall be introduced to remedial teaching or coaching through the Intensive Math Review course when necessary.

For foreign students, those who have passed their Grade 12 Mathematics or its equivalent are exempted to take the test.

B. Admission

Admission in a higher education institution is the initial entry of a student who graduates from the secondary level of education from the Department of Education and is eligible for admission to any degree program. A transfer student, cross enrollee or foreign student may, likewise, be admitted to any degree program of his choice, subject to school policies.

Enrollment in Northwestern University is a privilege. As such, the university reserves the right to admit, readmit, and refuse students under certain conditions.

Students admitted are, likewise, required to comply with admission requirements imposed by their chosen program of study.

The University admits male and female students. Students seeking admission to the institution, whether new or transferee, must accomplish the Admission Form and submit to the Registrars' Office.

Students are admitted based on four categories namely,
2)Transfer students,
4)Refresher Course Students, and
5)Foreign students

All graduates from recognized secondary institutions, seeking admission to Northwestern University must submit to the Admissions Office, the following:
a) Form 138 (Fourth Year High School Report Card) marked eligible for admission to college and which has not been previously canceled by another school;
b) Certification of Good Moral Character from High School where graduated;
c) NSO authenticated Birth Certificate;
d) Certificate of Honor (Valedictorian, Salutatorian, First Honorable Mention or Second Honorable Mention) signed by the Principal and marked with the school seal.

2) Transfer Students
Students who wish to transfer to Northwestern University should submit the following admission requirements:
a) Transfer Credentials or Certificate of Transfer
b) Certificate of Good Moral Character
c) Certified Copy of Grades
d) NSO authenticated Birth Certificate

Any student who fails to submit his Transfer Credentials and/or any other admission requirements shall be admitted on a provisional status using Provisional Admission Form. Non-submission of admission requirements within the period indicated in the said form shall invalidate his enrolment.

Students permitted by their mother schools to enroll subjects in Northwestern University must submit to the Admissions Office a Permit to Cross-enroll issued by his school.

4)Refresher Course Students
A refresher course student may be admitted to Northwestern University for audit purposes without earning credits subject to conditions as the institution may prescribe. As such, he may be exempted from class assignments and examination.(Section 89 MORPHE)

5) Foreign Students
A foreign student seeking admission to Northwestern University is required to submit the following documents as admission requirements: a) Student Visa / Student Permit, b) Alien Certificate of Registration, c) Certificate of Temporary Residence, in accordance with the Executive Order No. 188 Guidelines on the Entry and Stay of Foreign Students in the Philippines, and CHED Order No.2 Series 1994 Rules and Regulations to implement Executive Order No. 188.

Registration is the process of enrolling a previously admitted freshman, transfer student, cross-enrollee, refresher course student or foreign student into his chosen academic program. For academic progression, an old student likewise registers in his academic program by enrolling courses or subjects in a particular semester or term as provided in the CHED approved curriculum and as recommended by his faculty adviser.

Registration of students shall be held during registration days as indicated in the approved school calendar. A student may enroll after the lapse of the registration period specified in the approved school calendar and be admitted in accordance with the reasonable rules of the institution for late enrollment, but in no case shall exceed two (2) weeks after the opening of classes. (Section 84 MORPHE)

A student is deemed officially enrolled after he has submitted his appropriate admission or transfer credentials; made an initial payment of his tuition and other fees to the institution, and was allowed to attend classes by the institution.

For purposes of enrollment, the name and other personal data or circumstances of each student as indicated in his birth certificate or alien certificate of registration shall prevail.

Shifting to Another Program of Study
A student who wants to shift from one academic program to another must secure an Application for Shifting Program form from the office of the Registrar. The student gets the approval of his Dean and is referred to the Guidance Director for career guidance and counseling, who will put in writing his recommendations on the application form. The student is then advised to proceed to the Dean of the program where he intends to shift.

Withdrawal From Enrollment
A student who transfers or withdraws in writing within two (2) weeks after the beginning of classes, and who has already paid the pertinent tuition and other school fees in full, or for any length longer than one month, may be charged twenty-five percent (25%) of the total amount due for the school term if he withdraws within the first week of classes, or fifty percent (50%) if within the second week of classes, regardless of whether or not he has actually attended classes. The student may be charged for all the school fees in full if he withdraws anytime after the second week of classes. (Section 100. MORPHE 0f 2008) However, if the reason for withdrawal is meritorious, the administration shall collect pertinent fees on a prorated basis.

An application for withdrawal from enrolment two weeks after the beginning of the semester shall be considered as an application of Leave of Absence.

Official Dropping of subjects
A student who drops from an officially enrolled subject due to meritorious reason within the semester shall be Officially Dropped (OD). An official dropping form shall be accomplished with parents’/guardian’s consent, if necessary.

Transfer to Another School
Any student who voluntarily leaves the school shall be issued a Transfer Credential or Certificate of Transfer by the University Registrar, provided that a) he has no outstanding property and/or financial obligations to the institution, and b) he is not under penalty of suspension or expulsion. (Section 97. Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education of 2008)

Students of minor age shall be accompanied by a parent or guardian for this purpose.

Petitioned Subjects
A petitioned subject is one which is not a regular offering of the semester when it is requested, but the student needs it to graduate during the semester or to make his academic progression regular in the ensuing semester. Petitioned subjects may be offered by the university subject to viability conditions as the institution may prescribe.

Changing of Schedule
A student may be allowed to add, drop or change a subject which he has already enrolled within the first five (5) school days of the semester or within the first two school days during the summer term. Down payment for tuition fee for an added subject shall be charged. A processing fee shall likewise be charged for this purpose.