Increase of Honorarium for Voluntary Researches Approved

The Policy on Honorarium and Incentive for Voluntary Researchers has been proposed to be increased to entice more faculty members to engage in research. This policy is in line with the aim of Northwestern University to develop the research culture of the institution. The following are the approved changes:

1. An honorarium of P6,000.00 to P10,000.00 shall be granted to voluntary academic and non-academic researchers upon acceptance of their finished work by the University Research Council (URC, depending on the categories outlined below:

Results are usable by:

*The researcher's college or office only -P 6,000.00

*The whole university or the local community -P 7,000.00

*The region -P 8,000.00

*The nation -P 10,000.00

2. No equivalent load shall be given to voluntary researchers as the honorarium shall be sufficient incentive.

3. For institutional researchers, the same incentives can be availed as above if they finish researches over the required one (1) long research, or two (2) short researches, per year. The URC shall determine the length of time of conduct of researches during the proposal review.

4. The load of voluntary faculty researchers shall not be a factor in the approval of their research proposals, as they do not get any remuneration if their research can not be finished.

5. Non-academic researchers shall be partially relieved from their work load while doing research, but they should file an OB leave if they go out the university.

6. All researches presented in the In-house Research Forum shall become entries in the Biennial Best Research Award. The researches shall be judged in four categories,

namely: local, provincial, regional, and national. The mechanics for the selection of the winners, and the monetary reward shall be announced by the UCRD in a later date.

Moreover, the policy on Compulsory Rotation of Faculty Researchers was also revised and been approved for implementation. All Faculty members shall be required to become faculty researchers, and do a research. The first to become a faculty researcher shall be those who have experienced/(s) in conducting research. In case there are none, the dean or assistant dean shall be the first faculty researcher. The college dean should involve those who are next in line to become faculty researcher, based on length of service as a faculty, with the most senior being scheduled first. The researcher should inspire the others to be co-researcher to expose them to the rudiments of doing research, thereby teaching them through mentoring and tutoring. Since the faculty researcher does not receive honorarium but will receive equivalent load of 12 units instead, the co-researcher shall not receive any share of the monetary benefits, but shall be entitled to other benefits derived from being a co-researcher, such as points earned for promotion in rank. His privilege of being trained as a researcher shall also be an incentive for his work.

Meanwhile, the past faculty researchers can become voluntary researchers, and such they shall be entitled to honorarium as provided for in the UCRD Policies and Guidelines.

These shall supersede all previous policy contrary to this proposal.