UCRD establishes RCB to develop research culture in the academe

In line with the efforts of the university to develop the research culture in the academe, equipping the employees the basic and advanced trainings in research is significant that this Research Capability Building Program becomes a permanent component of the Annual Development Plan of the University Center for Research and Development.

For school year 2011-2012, UCRD proposed three activities with the goal of producing quality researches and ultimately publishing them for dissemination and utilization. Among these proposed activities, two were already held and these are the Research Proposal Presentation and Data Management and Analysis.

The RCB Program started with the RESEARCH PROPOSAL PREPARATION. This is a two–day seminar-writeshop held last September 6-7, 2011 at the Accreditation Room of Northwestern University. This was a joint project of the University Center for Research and Development (UCRD) and the Vedasto J. Samonte School of Graduate Studies (VJSSGS).

The University President, Maria Liza S. Nicolas, emphasized during the program that research should be conducted not only because it is a requirement of regulating bodies or in compliance with the requirements of accreditation but more importantly is its utilization in the improvement of the quality of life of a community.

Three resource speakers were invited to share their knowledge and rich experiences in this activity, Dr. Estrella R. Calixto, Dr. Anabell C. Felipe, and Mr. Romeo Abucay. Dr. Estrella R. Calixto, the Dean of the College of Teacher Education (CTE) and former Director of CHED Zonal Research Center for Regions I, II and CAR, respectively.

Calixto comprehensively discussed the topic on Research Agenda and The Formulation of a College Research Program .She pointed out that a research agenda emanates from a bigger or remote source like the philosophy of the Filipino people, the Philippine Constitution and the goals of national development, the needs and thrusts of the society and of line agencies, the vision/mission of the institution among others.

Dr. Anabelle C. Felipe, the former Dean of College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and the Graduate School of the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) and a Professor at the VJSSGS, discussed the topic on the Development of Quality Research Proposals: Problem Conceptualization and Conducting Review of Literature. She focused her discussion on the importance of theoritical framework in problem conceptualization. Samples on problem conceptualization based on different theories were presented.

Professor Romeo Abucay, a faculty of the MMSU-LHS at Batac City, talked about the Qualitative Research Design and Data Collection Techniques. He informed the participants that conducting a qualitative research needs to BE SENSITIVE to the feelings of their respondents. He said that public relations is developed if feelings of the respondents are considered in the process of conducting the research.

Activities parallel to the topics discussed were included and the first activity was the preparation of college research proposals starting with the Problem Conceptualization and Theoretical/Conceptual Framework Formulation. The representatives were given 15 minutes each to present their output .Dr. Lori MarseliL. de Castro, Dr. Rudy P. Bareng, Dr. Elsie C. Pilar, Dr. Estrella R. Calixto, and the resource persons served as critiques on the presented output.

The second activity which was also included as one of the highlights in celebrating the National Cooperative Month was a two-day hands-on training on “Data Management and Analysis” held last November 16-17, 2011 at the Accreditation Room. Lecture-demonstrations, computation, exercises on different statistical tests were the methodologies introduced in this activity. It generally aimed to equip participants with knowledge and skills in the computation and statistical analysis of organized data. Participants were limited to thirty (30) and they were required to bring with them a laptop to facilitate the transfer of computing skills using excel and SPSS. Dr. Lori Marseli de Castro and Engr. Rolly Ramos, were invited to discuss statistics and its application in research. De Castro discussed the Descriptive/Inferential Statistics and Interpreting Statistics. On the other hand, Engr. Ramos demonstrated the utilization of excel in organizing and computing gathered data to make it meaningful to the researcher.