NWU-CEC conducts localized MDG and ProDoc awareness planning workshop

Northwestern University Community Extension Center (NWUCEC) conducted a planning-workshop, "Awareness to Localized MDG and ProDoc Cum Planning Workshop" last July 29, 2011 at the NWU Accreditation Room.

To align the Community Extension Programs of the university, Mr. Edwin Cariño, the Provincial MDG Manager, was invited to talk on the localized MDG Program of Ilocos Norte. He informed the participants, which composed of extension coordinators and the academic and non-academic staff, that the eight MDGs were localized reducing it to five by grouping together related areas. Programs and projects are being implemented in the barangays of the towns and cities of Ilocos Norte identified to be in need of assistance through the initiative of the Governor, Hon Imee R. Marcos.

"Close monitoring and periodic evaluation is done to ensure that problems met during the implementation would be immediately addressed to meet the set goals and objectives," Cariño said.

On the other hand, Dr. Elsie Pilar the UCRD Director, discussed Process Documentation (ProDoc) which is important in tracking down an activity: what happened, how it happened and why it happened. It also involves a structured, focused way of capturing the change process that a project aims to bring out. And organizing the information in such a way that stakeholders have the opportunity to reflect and learn about the process and analyzing information.

"ProDoc will help project staff and stakeholders to carefully track meaningful events as well as the causes of failures in their projects," Pilar said.

After the discussion of the topics, participants were grouped to come up with an extension plan parallel to the localized MDG program. To assure the participation of the program beneficiaries, the action plan would be presented for refinement based from their input. It was agreed upon by the groups that an impact assessment will be conducted three years after its implementation in the community.