NWU collaborates with CHED's GIA project

Northwestern University was chosen as one of the collaborating Higher Education Institutions in conducting the CHED Grants in Aid (GIA) Project titled Graduate Tracer Project of Selected HEIs in Region1 and CAR (2005-2008).

"Being a part of this GIA project is an added opportunity for NWU in expanding its linkage in research. The full support of the administration and the cooperation of the members of the NWU team spell the success on any undertaking", Elsie Pilar, Research Director, said.

The project, which started in April 2011, is to conduct a tracer survey of the graduates of selected Higher Education Institutions in Region 1 and CAR from SY 2004-2005 to SY 2007-2008. Among its specific objectives is to identify reforms/actions to be done by HEIs to address the issue of mismatch of skills. It is expected to be completed in 12 months .

"We are looking forward to more collaborative researches and it is hoped that this would inspire every member of the academe to start loving research", Lori Marseli De Castro, SVPAA, added.

The implementing institution of the GIA project is the University of Northern Philippines (UNP) with Ms. Alma Segismundo as the designated Project Leader. As a collaborating institution, NWU is entitled to an amount of P47,240.00 to conduct the study . The team leader, Dr. Elsie C. Pilar, is ably assisted by the deans of the different colleges in gathering the data.

Series of meetings were already held to organize and monitor the implementation of the project. The first meeting on May 26, 2011, the study leaders were informed of the participating schools on the approval and the release of the budget for the GIA project. The discussions focused on the approved budget and the construction of a Supplemental Agreement for GIA between the Implementing Institution, UNP and the Collaborating Institution, NWU. It further explained that the proposed budget for the GTS GIA project was P1,200,000.00. However, it was reduced to P900,000.00 and two HEIs were added in the group.