UCRD Staff attend SOLAR seminar in Baguio
To further improve one's knowledge on solar energy harvesting technology, UCRD Researcher Engr. Joseph Allan Gamiao and RCEIAD Technology Development Asst. Lloyd Delaraga attended the regional seminar of the CHED Zonal Research Center for Region 1 and CAR Program Cluster Implementer (CHED-ZRC-PCI) held at Saint Louis University, Baguio City last June 10, 2010.

The seminar was focused on "Harvesting Energy from the Sun" which was expounded by Dr. Danilo B. Romero, a Professor in Physics and a DOST Balik Scientist. He informed the participants on the current issues and developments on solar energy worldwide particularly the latest development in the USA.

Gamiao and Delaraga learned ways on how to utilize solar energy: solar fuels (photosynthetic solar energy conversion to produce biomass and fossil fuels which currently supplies 90 TW globally to run the earth's biosphere; solar electric energy to produce chemical fuels such as H2, O2, CH4); solar thermal (heating, solar thermal energy to electricity using thermoelectrics); and solar electricity (photovoltaics), a technology that uses semiconductors to convert light (solar) energy directly to electrical energy. The concern of the CHED ZRC Engineering Cluster Implementer and DOST is to invite engineers, and researchers from the region to propose a research study/project regarding solar harvesting technology specially the storage and distribution system.
- Rachel Valenzuela
The said seminar was attended by almost sixty people from different universities and colleges in Region 1 and CAR Representatives from concerned government agencies like DOST were also present.