UCRD's ceramic projects at SC
To cater event-souvenirs of NWU clients and visitors, UCRD Researcher Engr. Joseph Allan Gamiao finally exhibited his new unglazed and glazed ceramic products at Student Center (SC) during the 78th University Foundation day last January 31, 2010.

Both unglazed and glazed ceramics had four designs and were colored with white, light pink and light green. These were formed through slip casting method, a process using liquid clay called slip and a mould made of gypsum to form irregularly shaped ceramic wares. Unglazed ceramic wares were fired at 1,000 degree Celsius for 6 hours. A combination of a red clay from Payas, San Nicolas and commercially available stone-ware clay were used to make the wares. Glazed wares were initially fired at 850 degree Celsius for 6 hours, dipped in a glaze and fired again at 1,100 degree Celsius for 6 hours.