UCRD Director initiates 2010 CTE Faculty Training
"Enhancing the Teaching Competencies of NWU-CTE Faculty". This was the theme of the 5-day seminar-workshop of College of Teacher Education in collaboration with the University Center for Research and Development (UCRD) held at the Old Media Center last May 24-31, 2010. Dr. Estrella Calixto, Director of UCRD, initiated the said event being the CTE consultant. She pointed out that it was designed to reorient the faculty on their roles as teachers of new generation learners seeking for new chal-lenges and things. She added that the training aimed to build the pre-sent competencies of the faculty by updating their knowledge and skills, by reorienting them to the Restructured Basic Educa-tion Curriculum and by reawakening and strengthening the need to grow in the profession.

Discussants were: Dr. Estrella R. Calixto on Behavioral Objectives as Part of Instructional Planning, Basic Methodologies and Approaches in Teaching the Different Learning Areas, Teaching Strategies in Makabayan (AP at EKAWP), and Assessment of Student Learning; Dr. Candelaria Garo on The Basic Education Curriculum and the Phil Elementary and Secondary Learning Competencies; Prof. Salvador Miguel on Teaching Strategies in Communication Arts; Dr. Lily Ann C. Pedro on Teaching Strategies in Mathematics; Prof. Cellenie Sanchez on Teaching Strategies in Art and TLE/EPP; Prof. Marina T. Felipe on Teaching Strategies in Music;Prof. Rose Francis Mina onTeaching Strategies in Science; and Prof. Edna Nagtalon on Mother Language Education.

Rachel Valenzuela