CLSU Vet. Med. Student conducts Thesis Study in IAD

Ms.Precious Pablo, a graduating student of Veterinary Medicine from Central Luzon State University (CLSU) in Science City of Muños, Nueva Ecija conducted her research at the Integrated Agricultural Development Projects (IAD) of Northwestern University last May 2010.

The study focused on Trypanosoma evansi, one of the most widely distributed blood parasites which causes epidemics commonly called surra. It is transmitted mechanically by biting such as horses, buffaloes, cattle, goats, pigs and dogs. To prevent this infection from spreading, an accurate diagnosis must be done to determine what animals are affected so that treatment of the infection will be effective. She used 30% sampling for each species of animal population.

She took blood samples from cattle and sheep in Piddig IAD farm and from goats in Nalbo IAD farm. According to IAD Director Dr. Pablo Bayan, there is no known case yet of surra disease in Ilocos. However, Ms. Pablo added that this research is beneficial for IAD as guide to disease prevention program in the farm and also for strengthening linkages with other institutions.

Although Northwestern University is not an agricultural school, CLSU is just one of the government institu-tions recognizing the en-deavor of the university to study and research on integrated agriculture. Demonstration farms of the University in Nalbo, Laoag City; Payas, San Nicolas; and Sta. Maria, Piddig are showcases of NWU’s sincerity to develop integrated agriculture for farmers, businessmen and other interested individuals.

-Fidel Esguerra