URC evaluates Completed Researches and Proposals
On Completed Researches
A review on the three completed researches was done at the NWU Exhibit Room last March 2, 2010. University Research Committee members SVPAA Dr. Lori Marseli De Castro, UCRD Director Dr. Estrella Calixto and CTE/VJSSGS Dean Dr. Elsie Pilar served as the panel.

Presentors were: VPRCEIAD Dr. Rudy Bareng on Organizational Capacity of Operating Cooperatives in the Province of Ilocos Norte, CCJE College Secretary Mrs. Jonah Badua on The On-the-Job Training Program of the College of Criminal Justice Education of Northwestern University as evaluated by the graduates employed in the Tri-Bureaus and UCRD Researcher Engr. Joseph Allan Gamiao on The Ambient Temperature Effects of Bricks on a Concrete Built House.

On Research Proposal
CAS Faculty member Prof. Lenor Tunac presented her research proposal entitled A Correlation of Scientific Attitudes and Laboratory Traits on Students Laboratory Performance in General and Inorganic Chemistry to the URC members namely Dr. Lori Marseli de Castro, Dr. Rudy Bareng, Dr. Elsie Pilar and Dr. Estrella Calixto at the NWU Exhibit Room last June 22, 2010.

Evaluations were done to further improve the completed researches and research proposal through the questions and suggestions raised by the URC members.

- Rachel Valenzuela