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The then Northwestern Academy opened its Liberal Arts Department in 1949 after recovering from the onslaught and devastation brought about by World War II.

The department underwent different reforms and innovations that were geared towards strengthening and improving the whole organization. The marked improvements enticed many to enroll. Many of the noted and respected graduates are a testimony to the department’s strength.
Integrated in the college are the general education subjects that play a very significant role in the eventual acquisition of total and well-rounded education by our students. For the same are considered to be the foundation and bedrock so to speak, of any field of specialization.

Through the years, the College of Arts and Sciences continued to aim for excellence producing quality graduates who excel in public or private sectors.

At the turn of the 21st century, the College of Arts and Sciences endeavored to further enhance its capabilities for generations to come. The department will continue to infuse fresh blood as it looks forward for global competitiveness until the end.


·         To train the students to become disciplined and productive members of the society by providing relevant learning experiences;

·         To enhance the ability of the students to think critically through adequate exposure to the tools and techniques of objective analysis of facts;

·         To harness the linguistic and communicative abilities;

·         To aid the students in identifying and appreciating positive human values and in strengthening human relations.

Course Offerings

·         Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Bachelor of Arts in English Studies

·         Language

·         Literature

·         Communication Arts

·         Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

·         Environmental Hygiene

·         Environmental Planning and Management

Employment Opportunities

·         AB Economics

o   Bank Analyst

o   Researcher

o   Budget Analyst

o   Commercial Analyst

o   Instructor

AB English

o   Researcher

o   Communication Specialist

o   Writer

o   Public Relations Officer/Public Information Officer

o   Tourist Guide

o   Receptionist

o   Secretary

o   Translator

o   Radio Announcer

o   Bank Teller

o   Travel Agent

o   Sales Representative

o   Stewardess

o   Instructor

AB Political Science

o   Researcher

o   Legislative Aid to Congress

o   Staff Member of Congress

o   Instructor

AB Mass Communication

o   Journalist

o   Broadcaster

o   Advertising Consultant

o   Researcher

o   Copy Writer

o   Public Relations Officer

o   Radio/TV Announcer

o   Radio/TV Producer

o   Events Coordinator

o   Scriptwriter

o   Instructor

BS Biology

    • Researcher
    • Laboratory Consultant
    • Instructor

BS Mathematics

    • Statistician
    • Auditor
    • Teacher
    • Analyst

BS Psychology

o   Researcher

o   Psychometrician

o   Guidance Counselor

o   Personnel Officer

    • Psychologist in Rehabilitation Center
    • Mental Hospital Examine

BS Environmental Studies

    • Environmentalist
    • Sanitary Inspector
    • Sanitary Offices

Interests Clubs/Organizations

o   Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are essential for a balanced development of a student. The venue for talents and capabilities are:

  • CAS Student Organization (CASSO)
  • Economics-Political Science Society (EPSS)
  • NU Broadcasting Association (NBA)
  • Psychological Society of NU (SOCPSYH)
  • The Review (Student Publication of the University)
  • CAS Bulletin (Student Publication of the College)