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Maritime Education was first offered in 1993 under the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) with 320 students enrolled.

The department flourished and as an offshoot was a separate college in 1995 known as the College of Maritime Education (COME). Mr. Wilson V. Calpo served as the first dean. With its impressive growth, the College was divided into two, Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering departments.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recognized the programs Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMARE) and Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) on April 8, 1996 and June 26, 1996, respectively.

In 1998, the college received a rating of substantial compliance from maritime education assessors per International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The quest for quality continues as visions and hopes will keep the College to meet challenges.


  • To develop Maritime students to become efficient, reliable and well-trained world class maritime officers and crew;
  • To promote among them the strong sense of nationalism and dignity in the practice of the Maritime profession;
  • To enable Maritime students acquire positive values such as self-reliance, independent thinking, sense of responsible leadership or membership in an organization, patience, vigilance and faith in God;
  • To attain the highest standard of education in the field of Maritime profession worldwide through the competent licensed officers; and
  • To provide Maritime students the advance technical knowledge and operations on the modern Maritime technology.

Course Offerings

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation
One-Year Seafarer

  • Steward
  • Engine
  • Deck

Employment Opportunities

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering

  • Engine Officer
  • Maintenance Officer (i.e. wiper, oiler)

Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

  • Deck Maintenance Officer
  • Maintenance Officer (i.e. navigational watch keeping, loading and unloading cargo)

One-Year Seafarer

  • Restaurant/Hotel Officers
  • Cook/Chef
  • On-board Ship Personnel


  • Restaurant/Hotel Officers
  • Maintenance Officer (i.e. machineries and space maintenance, engine repairs maintenance)


  • Maintenance Officer (i.e. deck maintenance, cargo maintenance, docking and undocking, navigational watch keeping)

Note: Employment opportunities of marine graduates sometimes depend on their ranks/positions. Following are the ranks/positions:


    • Ordinary Seaman
    • Able Seaman/Bosum
    • Third mate
    • Second mate
    • Chief mate
    • Master Mariner


  • College of Corps of Cadets