Jezreel Larry Caunca: The First Eagle Scout in Ilocos Norte after 14 years

Jezreel Larry Caunca: The First Eagle Scout in Ilocos Norte after 14 years

“Scouting will never be easy, but you will learn to love it.” – Jezreel Larry R. Cuanca

Jezreel Larry Caunca, a grade 12 student of Northwestern University, was awarded as the first Eagle Scout in Ilocos Norte after 14 years. He is the third who held the title in the province in 72 years. His journey as a scout began when he was 9 years old, and said that he joined the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) because he loves to attend Jamborees, not only camping, but also community services.

He added that he enjoys being a scout because there were many exciting adventures to be encountered.

According to Caunca, one of the hardest tasks was introducing outside activities for the campers.

“There was this norm or standard that because of the 14 years gap, no one from Ilocos Norte will bring back the Eagle Scout Award,” said Caunca.

Caunca became dedicated to serve the BSP because of a challenge that was given to him, which is the Eagle Scout Award. 14 years ago, when Dr. Darwin Ranada got the Eagle Scout Award in 2003, Caunca was challenged to bring back the award to Ilocos Norte with the encouragement of his co-scouts.

Caunca motivated other people to join, for them to see the faces of different communities and to be able to interact with other people. “You will see the real face of a community when you go beyond your comfort zone, for you also engage with other people and other scouts,” he remarked.

In his last statement, he said that before, to be known as an Eagle Scout, you must have 23 badges, 2 service projects, must actively participate, have good standing in school, and an interview for the National Board Review.

His first project was titled “TRASHTALK,” a seminar about the environment and what a young scout can do to preserve it. He also took his National Board Review last December 9, 2018, which he passed.

The regional director of BSP came, together with the Ilocos Norte Vice Governor Angelo Barba and SK Federated Chairman Rafael Medina, who witnessed the awarding during the Special National Court of Honor for Eagle Scouts on the 17th of January 2019.

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