A New Beginning, A Fresh Start for the NWU Freshmen

Around 1600 students pledged to be true Northwesternians at the Freshmenia College Orientation 2018 program on Friday, August 17, at the Student Center in NWU. The program is the annual welcome event for new students of the university. The students got to know the school administrators and officials and were infused with the NWU spirit.

The university president, Atty. Ferdinand S. Nicolas, led the faculty and students pledge themselves to the ideals of NWU. The new students, with fists raised high, declared in unison:

“I am a Northwesternian, and I am proud of it. I pledge to commit to the values of my alma mater of Commitment to Excellence, Honesty and Integrity, Active Involvement, Management of Resources, Professionalism and Selfless Service. I pledge to do my best, to make my parents proud and to prepare myself to become a productive part of my country. So help me God.”

The president declared “New Beginnings” as the theme of the school year, while the marketing hashtag “#WeAreNWU” became the event identifiers throughout the event.

The Organizations Grand Recruitment and Auditions followed right after Freshmenia, in which different clubs as well as NWU’s performing arts groups held recruitment drives to bring in new blood to their membership.

Sponsor partners Smart and 99.5 iFM also gave away items as prizes for the different NWU trivia games during the program.

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