NWU Culinary Arts classes begins this first semester of 2018

In its efforts to be globally relevant, Northwestern University has opened a Culinary Arts Program with the first batch of enrollees beginning classes this August. The program offers international internships to its students via the university’s partners, particularly Vision International, Inc. and HR Business.

Its faculty roster includes internationally trained chefs, and the culinary arts kitchen boasts of state-of-the-art equipment meeting international standards.

“The decision to put up a Culinary Arts Program in NWU was to address the lack thereof in the region,” said Jenny Abadilla, Director, Center for Business Development and External Affairs. “We have seen through our linkages and partnerships that there was a clamor for culinary graduates in the US and Australia.”

The program is designed to teach and train students in both fundamental and advanced culinary techniques, baking and pastry, along with extensive exposure to cuisines and industry simulation activities. Furthermore, the curriculum also covers marketing, financial management and business communication.

The university is confident that this program will prepare students to succeed anywhere in the industry. The rigorous and encompassing training equips our graduates with the skills, knowledge and sophistication necessary to work under the world’s best chefs, in the world’s best kitchens.

This level of quality education will afford students internship opportunities in premier hotels and restaurants in the US, Australia and Thailand, lasting for a minimum of six months to a maximum of two years.

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