NWU comes back in skeleton force

NWU comes back in skeleton force

Under a “new normal” environment, Northwestern University employees resumed in a skeleton workforce last May 18, 2020 after the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) was lifted in the province.

The work arrangement was adopted to accomplish indispensable services for the completion of the second semester of AY 2020-2021, the formation of new work processes, and the preparation of innovative ways of enrollment and delivering education for the next academic year, as face-to-face classes are yet to be allowed.

The employees focus chiefly on the production of learning packets for NWU students in line with its flexible learning approach. In this scheme, the produced packets containing audio-visual recordings of lectures, support materials, and activity assessments are delivered via the Internet or through physical delivery to their own locality. Various stations were set up in the different laboratories and offices of the university where teachers and instructors prepare their lecture recordings.

With the continuing risk posed by COVID-19, all personnel coming for the first time after the lifting of the ECQ are required to present health clearance from their respective local health offices and/or the completion of the COVID-19 Travel and Health Disclosure Form upon their entry into the university premises. They are also advised to go through mandatory screening including tire wash/footbath and thermal scanning.

Workers are directed to observe hygiene and sanitation before, during, and after office work. Standard health protocols like the use of face mask, tire/shoe wash, thermal scanning, setting up sanitation stations in their offices, and social distancing are enforced.

Also, to avoid congestion, the employees are encouraged to avoid gathering in groups of more than three, and conduct meetings and send communications through electronic means as much as possible.

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