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Accredited Programs

Level 1 Applicant

1. BS Civil Engineeering
2. BS Electrical Engineering

Level II Formal

1. Master of Arts in Business Administration
2. Master of Arts in Public Administration
3. BS Computer Engineering
4. BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
5. BS Nursing

Level II 1st Reaccredited Status

1. Master of Arts in Education

Level II 2nd Reaccredited Status

1. BS Criminology
2. BS Mechanical Engineering

Level II 3rd Reaccredited Status

1. Liberal Arts major in Political Science
2. Liberal Arts major in English
3. Liberal Arts major in Economics
4. Commerce major in Management Accounting
5. Commerce major in Entrepreneur
6. Commerce major in Banking and Finance
7. Commerce major in Business Management
8. Bachelor in Elementary Education
9. Bachelor in Secondary Education

Accrediting Body: Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation(PACUCOA)